Why Typescript is the better choice than JavaScript?

Why Typescript is the better choice than JavaScript?

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·Jan 31, 2021·

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➡️ Typescript is an open source language which builds on JavaScript.

➡️ One of the world's most used tools,by adding by adding static type definations.

1. According to StackOverflow servey

➡️ It's mentioned among the five most promising language.

➡️ About 66% percentage of JavaScript programmers already use Typescript and 22% wish to try.

3. What is TypeScript?

➡️ Typescript is subsets of JavaScript that has optional typing and compiles to plain JavaScript.

➡️ Typescript technically is JavaScript with static typing, whenever you want to have it.

➡️ Actually a study shows that 15% of all JavaScript bug can be detected by Typescript.

2. Can we use on the frontend or the backend?

➡️ Typescript is compiled to JavaScript, therefore Typescript can be used anywhere JavaScript could be used: both the frontend and or the backend.

3. Types of Typescript

➡️ Typescript has a variety of basic types, like Boolean, Number, String, Array and Tuple, ETC....

Some of this don't exist in JavaScript.


4. Reason to choose Typescript over JavaScript

➡️ Typescript is more reliable.

➡️ Typescript is more explicit.

➡️ Typescript and JavaScript are practically interchangeable.

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